Why Work with a Realtor?

Everyone has fallen victim to browsing beautifully decorated homes, touring the latest models, and Pinterest-ing every amazing home idea they've ever seen. But, have you ever thought about where to start if you were really interested in a real life home search? The idea is pretty simple, but the action behind it can be intimidating. Finding where you would want to live, within the right price range, while searching for the perfect amenities around the neighborhood, and understanding the financial side of the information becomes more legwork then you probably expected. Just because you might not know where to start, Realtors live in this world and offer more expertise than you probably realize.

Realtors are trained professionals that provide you the support needed when searching for a home, listing a home, buying investment property, and understanding all aspects of the financial process. Sounds great, right? It really is. Flying solo on your home search can lead into a lot of missed opportunities that your seasoned Realtor is trained to understand. Let's go through what hurdles using a Realtor would help you overcome.

A great article was written by Forbes stating why using a Realtor in your search and transaction process is key. They listed their five main steps as being: better access/more convenience, negotiating, understanding contracts, and honesty.

How do we put this into perspective? Well, first, Realtors, real estate agents, listing agents, and buyer's agents (all generally the same term), are expected to act as liaisons between buyers and sellers. Buyer's agents and listing agents work full time to get the deal done. Both agents (buyer's and listing) have access to many sites, including the most important, MLS (multiple listing system). This is an internal site granted to all licensed Realtors that help them search, promote, and advertise properties of all types. This is a huge database of information that a regular individual searching on the web for a home would not have access too. With a wealth of access to property information means a lot of phone calls and scheduling of appointments on both the buying and listing agent sides. Negotiating these times and scheduling takes a lot of patience and understanding, so why not have the professional handle it? Realtors are fast, efficient, and understand how the real estate world should be scheduled. This alone presents a huge convenience to potential clients and perk to take advantage of.

A Realtor is your shield to understanding the negotiating power of not only the financial side but in dealing with the other parties. Sometime tough actions and questions are presented and having an expert by your side ready to negotiate and smooth over the questions can be a huge bonus for you. Think about it, what if the seller didn't care that you requested a new roof? Or that you needed to close 3 weeks early? With your Realtor by your side ready to protect and go to bat for you, this ease of mind is powerful and reassuring.

And the biggest taboo of all? You will save money. Ok, it is a touchy subject for some, but why do people normally sell their home by themselves? Because they believe they will save a boat load of money. As you probably know, every situation is different, but in reality, there are so many opportunities to leverage your property with a Realtor that you would feel silly if you missed out on them.

What's the bottom line? Finding that right fit for you is most important. But isn't it important to hear from the most seasoned Realtors in your city or state and understand that they are here to support you and your success? The same goes for Realtors. Making that connection and learning about your wants and needs helps build a life-long friendship.

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