Weekend Getaway: Texas Style


The bigger the better, right? Especially in Texas! We all know living in Texas brings you the option for many different weekend getaways that will have all different types of geography, landscape, and weather. You can jump in the car and either find yourself in a stretch of country or on the coastline. And much more in between. Your major cities include Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, but since we are located in Frisco, let's look closer to home.

How about we start with the free ideas? White Rock Lake, located in Dallas, can be a prominent hot spot all year around, but the summer is when the kids are out and about, families are picnicking, and everyone is ready to enjoy quality time at the lake. Some of the fun options you can do at the lake include: take a walk on a 9.33 mile trail wrapping around the beautiful park and water, bring the dogs to the private dog park area perfect for all sizes, and finally nearby on the lake are available activities like boats, paddle boards, canoes, and pavilions for relaxing. White Rock Lake is a one stop shop for family fun!

Looking for something more action packed and entertaining? How about a water park? Perfect for the heat and great for a weekend vacation when you're not close to the beach. From our friends at DFWChild, here is a great list of all the awesome waterparks you and your family can visit. We have amazing opportunities all across the metroplex from Bahama Beach to Waterworks, and a major player, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Don't forget to check for local specials and offers to help shake some of the cost.

Ready to find some awesome parks or discovery days? The most popular locations for fun can be found at Urban Air Trampoline Park, Nytex Sports Centre, Hawaiian Falls Roanoke, Colleyville Parks & Recreation Summer Programs and Camps, and Marshall Creek Ranch, to name a few. There are many options in North Texas and the surrounding areas for fun and family adventure, that is why I love selling homes here! I hope this is a big help to you and if there are any questions about these communities, please feel free to give me a call.




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